Workplace Health

Information on health in the workplace

Workplace Health

Our motto at Healthcare NI is ‘Maintaining Health, Regaining Health’. In order to maximise this ideal for every individual patient, it is necessary to educate people on basic health promotion issues including diet, exercise, reducing/releasing stress and other lifestyle changes.

This can be done on an individual basis in the clinic setting – when clients present with specific health problems and these are dealt with. However the whole aspect of health promotion can be even more effective when working with larger groups of people with varying scales of health.

Many people who consider themselves healthy may not be that far away from ill-health. Incorporating basic lifestyle changes into their daily life can maintain and increase health to an optimum level.

With this in mind, we like to engage in health promotion talks in:

Schools – Children are our future and are very open to learning. They often find it easier to change unhealthy lifestyle habits than adults, particularly if they are educated at a young age.

Workplace – With increasing levels of stress in the current economic climate, education on health awareness and management of stress for employees can increase work productivity, improve staff morale and reduce leave of absence.

Women’s groups – Women are generally the centre of the home place. By educating them on general health promotion issues, the benefits of their knowledge and improved health will ripple through to their children, partner, extended family and friends and into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Senior Citizen Clubs – With increasing numbers of pensioners living in good health and the lifespan of the population increasing, this is a very important group of people for the future of our society. Many are open to improving and maintaining their current state of health, and some have lots of time and energy to devote to the cause.

Sports and Athletic Clubs – Generally people involved in sport and fitness are highly motivated individuals when it comes to optimising their health. They are always open and interested in learning ways to minimise injury and maximise their recovery and athletic performance.

We can design presentations to group’s individual needs and requirements. Those interested in health promotion talks and presentations on specific tailored topics or general aspects of health for any groups of people can contact us via or phone 028 7965 9524 / 07966 246 777 for more information and to arrange dates and venues.

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