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Cranio Sacral Therapy

clinic-072Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment derived from osteopathy which helps to rebalance our body. Focusing around the cranium (head) and along the back (including sacrum bone) the treatment works to release tension and any restrictions which may exist (osseous and/or tissue).
The client remains fully clothed, simply removing their shoes and belt, and in most cases lies on a treatment table. Treatment can also be done sitting or standing, particularly if working with some adults who may be in pain or children who prefer to be moving around!

While the obvious focus may be on the physical balancing of the bones and tissue of the body, the benefits can also be felt on the mental/emotional state of a person. This is because during a treatment our Central Nervous System, which is inside our spine, also has an opportunity to rebalance – thus releasing built up stress and tensions.

Craniosacral treatment can be very beneficial for all ages ranging from infant/child health and behavioural issues through to all stages of adulthood health. Because CranioSacral Therapy works at such a fundamental level in the body, it can be very effective with a wide range of symptoms. Obviously, each person and situation is different – but we have seen CranioSacral Therapy relieve many of the symptoms of the conditions covered in this section – as well as supporting the ongoing management of more serious conditions.

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