The ES-TECK Complex has been designed to help Doctors, Health Care Practitioners, and Sports Professionals to monitor the effectiveness of their training, therapies, and nutritional programs.

Running a scan with the ES-TECK Complex only takes 5 minutes and gives a large amount of data to enable the Practitioner to appreciate general health, stress, autonomic system state, blood flow in the tissue and in the arterial system, and pH analysis. This information helps the Practitioner to make recommendations and monitor individuals being scanned.

Most importantly, the ES-TECK Complex allows the Practitioner and any person being scanned to monitor improvements and changes in physiology by running scans before, during and after exercise, treatment, nutrition and/or life style programs.

ES-TECK Complex scan results enable monitoringMonitoring using regular ES-TECK Complex scans helps one to appreciate any type of changes in life style, physiology, stress, acid base balance, organ functions….etc

With the ES-TECK module you are able to access Heart rate monitoring which is widely used in training sports persons and following up exercise performance. Numerous factors including health issues and intensity and type of training will influence heart rate and other parameters that are measured when an individual is training. Measuring heart rate is inexpensive and an immediately useful indicator in many situations.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a new monitoring method which has been used in several recent studies with sports persons. These studies have concluded that monitoring HRV can be used in the detection and prevention of over-training.

HRV has been found to be typically higher in individuals who exercise regularly or have undergone a training program for a sustained period of time.
Increased HRV is associated with lower mortality rate.

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