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Symptoms of over-growth of Candida.

One or a combination of these symptoms can be indicative of Candida overgrowth which can affect men as well as woman.

Ways to reduce Candida within the body

Yeast is a contributor to the growth of Candida. Thus decrease intake within the diet

Yeast is present within;

  1. Loaf bread, rolls and crusty bread – Replace with wheaten bread, scones, pancakes, ryvita, oat-cakes, rice-cakes and corn cakes.
  2. Most beers and wines – Replace with cider or Satzenbrau pils.
  3. Some cheeses (blue cheese)
  4. Some foods can lead to fermentation within the body, for example mushrooms and grapes which produces a yeast environment.

A sugary environment is ideal for Candida to grow. Thus decrease sugar and foods that contain sugar within the diet. High sugar content foods include such things as biscuits, buns, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks.

Stress can be a factor in the overgrowth of Candida. Stress lowers the bodies’ immune system thereby reducing the body’s ability to resist the overgrowth of Candida. Therefore to minimize candida overgrowth decrease stress levels in the body.

Increase pre and pro-biotics within the body. This can be achieved through supplementation. Ask your health practitioner for more information

Reducing growth of Candida within the body.

In summary: top-tips to reduce growth of Candida within the body.

Ask your health practitioner for more information.

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