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Another Award for Toomebridge

Anita and John Gribbin accept their award for health promotion

Anita and John Gribbin accept their award for health promotion

In these challenging times, good news is refreshingly important especially when it is local.

Toome, a small village which used to be synonymous with traffic jams and unemployment- recently won two accolades in the Calor Village of the Year awards. January has provided Toome with yet another award- the Ulster Chemists Association award for health promotion, in which all pharmacies in Northern Ireland were eligible, has gone to Gribbin Pharmacy in Toomebridge.

Anita Gribbin is passionate about offering a comprehensive healthcare service and promoting health in a variety of ways- far beyond dispensing prescriptions. Anita comments, “Maintaining and regaining good health is often more simple than people realise. Straightforward advice and practical useful tips can boost our health and well-being, regardless of our current state of health”

The award was granted for Anita’s effort in promoting health beyond the pharmacy dispensary through a variety of projects:

  • an educational programme for local women
  • complimentary medicine advice
  • the Wellness project developed by Anita and John Gribbin

clinic-076In today’s fast pace lifestyle the Wellness Clinic offers a variety of treatments and services tailored to individual needs and requirements. There are a number of unique aspects to this clinic:

  • The full body scan gives a detailed individual analysis of a patients current state of health which can then be used as an essential monitoring tool; in other words the scanner highlights weaknesses in different areas of the body which may need attention and improvement before disease or pain occurs.
  • Craniosacral therapy-an effective treatment for all age groups including babies. It is a hands on treatment to help balance and improve physical, mental and emotional health of individuals. This is particularly effective for children and infants with sleeping difficulties or behavioural issues and for adults with stress and tension based conditions.
  • Ways to compliment conventional medicine for acute conditions. The clinic has a balanced healthcare approach combining conventional and complimentary treatment to maximise improvement in health of acute situations, particularly those unresponsive to standard treatment, for example, ME, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

It is obviously much more beneficial to prevent ill health occurring by making changes to your lifestyle before disease symptoms occur, however the clinic has also been successful in maximising and maintaining health in people with disease states who are already receiving medical care and medication.

The wellness project also involves specifically designed health programmes outside the clinic for various groups such as schools, the work place and sports teams.

Ring now to find out more about investing in the future of your health!